School Fees

Tuition Fees 2018-2019
The annual tuition for Early Years, Junior and Senior school are displayed in the following table. The payment schedule is three terms per year. 
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Currency is stated in RMB. (Fees are normally billed in RMB, however, tuition can also be accepted in USD, GBP or EUR. Please indicate to the school your currency preference and information can be updated with the prevailing Bank of China exchange rate. USD figures below are reference only.)

Other School Fees
Application Fee: A Non-Refundable Application Fee of RMB 1,600 (USD 245) per child is payable upon applying to the school.

Enrolment Fee: A one-time fee of RMB 16,000 (USD 2,318), comprising a non-refundable enrolment fee of 10,000 RMB and a 6,000 RMB refundable deposit, is payable to secure a school place once a formal offer has been made by the school.

EAL (English as an Additional Language) Charge: A fee of RMB 13,750 per year (USD 2,165) is required for all students involved in the EAL support program. This is divided termly as follows: RMB 5,500 (Term 1), RMB 4,125 (Term 2 and 3.)  

School Lunches: School lunch costs are included in the standard tuition fees in most cases. 

Bus Service: Arranged on request and at school's discretion. Fees are based on distance from school with annual fees starting from RMB 9,548.

School Uniform: All students are required to wear uniform to school. There is also a separate P.E. kit. All uniform sets and individual items can be purchased at the school shop. School uniform items range from RMB 35 to RMB 200.