Book Week 2016

This year’s Book Week was a great success with two UK author visits, Mark Robson and Ciaran Murtagh.
Tuesday, March 15, 2016
The first day of Book Week began with everyone in his or her favourite book week costume. Mark Robson began the week with the secondary students in assembly and judging the best Book Week costumes. Throughout the two days here Mark held mini sessions with the students on character development and writing skills. In the library, the students participated in the “Blind date with a book” activity where they chose a wrapped book based on the content instead of what the cover looks like. Once the children chose their “date” they were able to take a picture with their “date”. The Book Mark competition also began Monday morning and ended Thursday afternoon with the children voting the one they liked best.
Tuesday began with secret readers in the classrooms, where the teachers read to the children in a different Key Stage from their own which allowed students and staff to interact with students they normally would not interact with on a normal day. Wednesday, the students had a book swap where students were encouraged to bring books that they wanted to donate and then were able to take home a couple of “new” books. There was a guess your teacher’s favourite book contest in the library as well. Thursday and Friday consisted of a bookshop from Obido, where students and parents were able to purchase books and begin reading immediately.

Throughout the week, older students read to the younger ones which was a nice treat for all. Year 5G students also made really intricate books in a box displays. 

The winners of the costume and bookmark contest received a free book from the bookshop as their prize. The bookmark winners, Tian Tian and Seo Jin, will have their bookmarks recreated and distributed to the students throughout the school. 

Book Week ended with a great assembly by our visiting author Ciaran Murtagh explaining and involving the children in creating a story and building a character from the simplest of inspirations. It was a very enjoyable and educational assembly for students and teachers alike.

Both author's books are in the library for students to read at their lesiure.