Happy Languages Week and Happy Year of the Monkey!

This year we combined Languages Week and our Chinese New Year show into one exciting week of celebration!
Friday, February 5, 2016
We started with a bang on Monday’s Languages Week Assembly where we talked about how ‘Learning languages makes your world grow!’ Senior students discussed the advantages of being able to speak another language such as enriched travel experiences, increased problem solving skills and having lots of fun! 
Throughout the week students across the school enjoyed a plethora of language and culture activities run by parents and friends of the school. Batik painting, cave-art, calligraphy, letter writing, cooking, songs and games are just a few of the many activities students enjoyed. Senior students visited a local Chinese archery centre and KS2 students explored the Fangshan temple area. It was a really fun week to celebrate the diversity of languages in our school and we are very thankful for our parent helpers and volunteers for taking time to make our Languages Week such a rewarding experience for our students. 
On Friday we brought our Languages Week to a close with our Chinese New Year show. The students sang beautifully and we were able to enjoy some traditional Chinese art performances, including dance, face changing, kung fu and a lion dance. Afterwards students were treated to an exciting magic show. We hope these performances can help inspire our students and build a greater cultural understanding of the exciting and brilliant cultural centre we live in, here in Nanjing. 
Lastly, we said ‘再见’ to one staff member and ‘欢迎’ to another! Frau Tulke is off on maternity leave but will come back for the new academic year. We wish her and her new bundle of joy all the best! We also welcomed Cassie Kong to the Chinese teaching team and she will be teaching full-time after the Spring Festival. From the languages team, we wish you all a very happy lunar new year and we hope the year of the monkey brings you prosperity and fortune!