Language Week Assembly

Languages, Monkey Art Competition and Mrs. Tukle leaving for maternity leave.
Monday, February 1, 2016
In today's Language Week assembly it began with the Senior school children speaking in their language about the benefits of learning another language. The students then switched to English and explained, that languages can help you make new friends, learn about a new culture, and improve your chances of employability. A mini competition ensued with the different sides of the auditorium competing to find the number of languages spoken in our school with the "right" side winning for the guess of 34! 

Next, students who participated in the Monkey Art Competition were acknowledged and the winning 13 were announced as well. There was a lot of very creative and colorful designs submitted. Sure it was a tough competition to decide between which ones. 

Lastly, the assembly ended on a farewell and all the best to our German teacher, Mrs. Tukle who will be leaving for maternity leave at the end of the week. She will be greatly missed. 

The children will enjoy many different activities geared around the different languages and cultures, such as making French Pancakes, creating Viking beards, playing BINGO in Spanish, or deciphering hieroglyphics along with going on trips to do archery or art at a musuem. 

It will be a fun filled week of learning and exploring the many languages spoken by the dynamic people in and around our new campus. 

Happy Year of the Monkey to all!