A Magical Carpet Ride with KS1 

Our new auditorium was the mystical and mysterious setting for the first KS1 Production in our new campus – Aladdin. 
Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The voices and actions of our KS1 students brought the seminal, classic middle-eastern folk to life with its themes of love, good v evil and overcoming the odds.   

The KS1 show was inspired by the contemporary version of Aladdin – most widely identified from the 1992 Disney film – yet significantly amended from the original story. It is thought that the Aladdin tale originated from the ‘Arabian Nights’ story collection, published in 1710. 

The performance hinged on the superb acting and drama skills from the mixed Year 1 and Year 2 cast; along with rousing renditions of classic songs from the Disney classic. 

The lead role of Aladdin was shared between two fresh-faced stars in Zach (2B) and Andy (2C). Zach received well-deserved praise for his clear voice and powerful delivery, whilst Andy’s ‘Prince Ali’ victory parade was seen by many of the audience as one of the show’s most spectacular highlights. Luka (2B) was the dastardly villain Jafar, sending shivers down the spine of the audience as he cunningly plotted his devious plans with passion, wit and mischief. 

Delilah (2C) played the feisty, free-spirited and rebellious princess Jasmine with aplomb – complete with convincing diva-like hands on hips! Adam (2C) proved an effervescent, fun-loving genie who helped to make Aladdin’s dreams come true.  

The packed audience of parents, families and students were joined by viewers from across the globe, who enjoyed a live stream of the performance direct to their laptops and tablets. 

Aladdin is a classical folk tale that is told and retold, enjoyed and treasured by generation after generation.  A huge congratulations and thank you to all KS1 students, staff and parents for their fabulous effort and dedication in helping produce a show that will live long in the memory.