New school, same GREAT People!

Mr. Shephard's assembly today was held in our new amazing auditorium that was able to sit the entire student body and staff with extra seats. The children were excited to sit (and sometimes bounce) in the new blue cushioned seats.
Monday, January 11, 2016
Mr. Shephard began the assembly with a few boxes with words on them but in the incorrect order. He had a student volunteer put the boxes in the correct order to spell out "The British School of Nanjing". From there he spoke on how it's the same school, yet various teachers throughout reminded him about the various new and or bigger additions to our school such as, the two new gyms, larger classrooms, two music rooms with practice rooms, science labs, outdoor play areas, bigger libraries, football pitch and so much more.

The simple row of boxes grew to 5 rows highlighting all the new facilities in the school. It was then made clear that the bottom row, the foundation in which this new great school stands upon are the people in the school; which hasn't changed. Mr. Shephard had another student volunteer demonstrate how if you removed the people from the equation everything else would fall apart. We, the people, make it a great place and it was a fitting reminder for all to remember as we carry on with our daily routines, exploring and revealing new places and areas in the school WE are the ones that breathe life into this growing community.