One month In!

Today marks one month since being back at our new campus at Cui Ping Shan.
Thursday, September 22, 2016

In honour of this mini celebration, students and teachers were asked what they enjoyed most since being back from holiday and returning to school. Please enjoy their responses below to the question,“What have you enjoyed about being back at school?”

Clementine, Y5- “Roald Dahl's 100th Birthday!”

Jake, Y5- “I enjoy being back and making new friends.”

Olivia, Y6- “I've enjoyed P.E. and being able to have two slices of pizza.”

Laura and Emma, Y5- “We've enjoyed seeing one another again after a long holiday. (Laura) being a house captain!”

Tsuyoshi, Y5- “Having an English education and being a house captain.”

Mrs. Wharton- “Love that now we have our own swimming pool we can swim all the time, along with the motivation and enthusiasm of all the students across the school.”

Chang Seok, Y5- “I've enjoyed meeting new friends and our new teacher.”

Sri, Y8- “I've enjoyed getting used to all the different teaching styles of the new teachers.”

Charlotte, Y1- “I've enjoyed being in Year 1 now!”

Elizabeth, Y5- "I've enjoyed being in the new wing of our school on the 3rd floor."

Mrs. Tulke- “I've enjoyed getting to try new projects and teaching techniques.”

Aia, Y10- “The new classes.”

Ananya, Y11- “Seeing old friends and making new ones.”

Seo Jin, Y6- “Reading, Roald Dahl's 100th Birthday celebration, different library activities.”

Luka, Y3- “I've enjoyed reading again.”

Sam and Alex, Y7 - “Being able to see friends regularly again.”

Mari, Y6- “I've enjoyed P.E.”

Mrs. Smith- “Enjoyed that the children are well behaved and enjoy learning”

Caitlyn, Y7- “I've enjoyed our new ipad covers.”

Antonio, Y11- “Being able to play sports again.”

Mr. Emmerton- “I've enjoyed that we are able to do more science experiments.”

Dina, Y6- “I've enjoyed returning back to BSN.”

Isabella, Y6- “I've enjoyed being in senior school.”

Mr. Shephard- "My summer was so quiet without the students and teachers it's been wonderful to see the smiles on people's faces and feel the energy around the campus again."