The Power of the Internet

Last Friday Mr. Dyer presented an assembly on the power of the Internet and how it has changed our society to allow quicker access to information, made our global world smaller and how to protect oneself while using the Internet.
Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Mr. Dyer’s first point was how even though technology could be great it could still be a bit fidgety and have a mind of its own.

His second point was how information is readily available and we can access it literally at the tips of our fingers. To showcase this he had two volunteers, Mr. Burrows and Mr. Sidwell one using an encyclopaedia and another using an iPad to answer questions using their items. Without a doubt Mr. Sidwell won the competition with the use of the iPad.

Thirdly, the students also were able to see how the Internet connects us globally to our friends and family near and afar. They received warm welcome video messages from students around the world in Australia, New Zealand, England, Singapore, and the United States.

Lastly, the assembly ended with the most important factor regarding the Internet, which is safety. The students learned not to give away personal information to anyone they do not personally know online. This was a great refresher on the power and “beauty” of the Internet but also on how cautious one must be as well.