Senior BSN Idol

Rocking into Monday Morning with the piano, flute, drums, and vocals!
Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Yesterday many Senior school students showed their hidden and for some not so hidden talents. The whole school had the pleasure of listening to fanciful piano pieces, beautiful singing, a fine flute number and a rocking band performance by Last Minute, who also had their very own cheering section, to round out the showcase. This year, thanks to the student council's input, students also sat at the judging table to vote on the best performance given by their peers. They along with the three adult judges had a very difficult time deciding who would reign BSN's 2016 Idol, but decide they did. Coming in third place was Tara with a piano performance, Sanjana was in second with a song, and the first place winner went to Iliana for her outstanding piano piece that she memorized. 

All the performers did well and showed a lot of courage in standing in front of the whole school to perform. So well done to our winners and other participants! It was a lovely show in which all was throughly engaged in.