'Teacher vs Student' Swim Gala

Students win the first Teacher-Student Swim Gala of the year!
Friday, October 28, 2016
Students at BSN left teachers trailing in their wake as they went on to win the first BSN Teacher-Student Swim Gala of 2016/17.

Designed as a practice run for the BSN swim team, any notion that teachers would have a natural advantage due to experience was quickly dispelled as students gained a substantial lead early in the 45 minute relay race. It was only in the final stages that the teachers started to narrow the lead but by then it was too late and the students won by an impressive margin of 72 laps!

The exhausted teams (four student vs four teacher teams) then had to put forward their best swimmer for a final 50m race. Drawing on their final reserves, the eight went flat out with Mr. Harry Xing, Life Guard and Pool Manager at BSN, winning by mere seconds over Year 11 student Ananya Dev (2nd place) and Year 4 teacher Ms. Amalia Chin (3rd place).

The final score?
498 laps to students vs 426 laps to the teachers.