White Horse Theatre Company Visits BSNJ

Hamlet and Honesty Four Person Production
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Yesterday the children in Senior school and those in Year 3-5 watched a great 4 person performance by the White Horse Theatre Company. The senior students watched 'Hamlet' which was dramatic and somber, while the younger ones watched 'Honesty' which was full of laughter and fun.

Here are a couple of reviews from some of the students on 'Honesty'

Mia said, "I thought it was funny. The younger brother had very funny expressions and crazy running." 

Jacinda stated, "I liked it very much, awesome acting. They were funny and I liked how all looked like middle school students." 

Jake said, "The play was very good because it was funny. My favourite parts were when they were wax models, when the policeman flipped the guy over and at the salon when the man thought it was a dog under his legs."

Each performance ended with the students asking loads of questions to the performers about themselves and the performances. Thank you very much White Horse Theatre Company for a delightful morning and afternoon.