Year 2B Assembly

A morning back on theTitanic that fateful night.
Friday, January 29, 2016
Year 2B students explained to everyone how the Titanic, at it's time was the greatest ship ever built and was thought to be unsinkable. The students highlighted some of the amazing features of the boat such as the swimming pool and allowed us to get a glimpse of different perspectives from those in First Class to those in Third Class and the workers in the steam room. The children did a great job taking us back into history as the events unfolded and we were told how that infamous night unfolded and how even though it was scary many people were very brave from the wife who would'nt leave her husband to the workers in the boiler room who wanted to keep the lights on for people as long as possible. Year 2B's assembly was greatly informative and entertaining from their costumes to their performance. Thank you for a great assembly!