Sixth Form

As the School continues to grow, we will open year groups to include Sixth Form - the final two years of school. Sixth form students at BSN will work towards obtaining AS and A Level qualifications. A Level is one of the world's most widespread and highly regarded university entrance qualifications. It is recognised by universities around the world including all universities in the UK and USA.

Pupils will typically sit AS Level examinations in their chosen subjects at the end of Year 12 and A Level exams at the end of Year 13. The specialised nature of the A Level course prepares pupils well for the academic rigour of university. By passing the course, pupils demonstrate a level of intellectual accomplishment that universities recognise and value highly.

The Sixth Form at BSN will be very much geared towards preparing pupils for university. However, as is the case at every stage in BSN, the study of academic subjects is only one part of the educational experience. Sixth Form students will be encouraged to build on their academic knowledge by pursuing experiences in their field of interest. As the most senior pupils of the school they will also be expected to assume a greater role in the leadership of the student body, leading sports teams, social clubs and community initiatives.

It is our ambition that by the time pupils complete their education with us they are not only well prepared for university, but are equipped with the skills, confidence and character to succeed in life.