Zootastic Assembly from Year 4C

Year 4C assembly discussed the benefits and downsides of zoos in our world.
Friday, May 6, 2016
Basing their assembly off the book Zoo by Anthony Browne, Year 4 took us on a journey of a family who went to the zoo and began jeering at the animals in the cages. The interesting thing about the animals was that unlike the book, they were able to tell us their perspective of being held captive in cages and having strangers stare at them or take photos of them with their flashes on. The re enactment ends with the family in the cages as if they were the animals on display. 

Next, Year 4C students had a debate in which one side was for zoos while the other was against zoos. They both made compelling arguments yet, it appeared the audience agreed with the students who were against zoos and what they stood for. This assembly definitely caused one to take a closer look zoos and how animals are treated and what those conditions can do to animals. Most importantly, it made one put themselves in the animals shoes. Great assembly 4C!