UN Day 2016 at BSN

Celebrating Cultural Identity in a British International School
Friday, October 28, 2016
UN Day at The British School of Nanjing (BSN) is as much about the academic side of learning about countries and their cultures in Early Years and Junior School, or debating global issues in Senior School, as it is an opportunity to reflect on the value of sharing.

It acts as a celebration of the cultural diversity that is evident throughout BSN. Decorations, costumes and food create a perfect backdrop for our students, teachers and parents to come together on UN Day to share heritage, personal identity and cultural experiences.

The latter is of particular importance in an international community like BSN because, whilst we have close to 40 nationalities in our student body (not counting dual heritage students), many of our students have benefited from a global lifestyle.

Often they feel a strong affiliation with the different countries that they have lived in and UN Day provides an opportunity to demonstrate this connection, as BSN encourages students (and staff) to be creative and come in any costume reflecting a country of their choice.