Residential Trip to Fujian Province

The first week of November saw our annual Year 6 and 7 residential trip to Fujian Province.
Sunday, December 3, 2017

58 students and eight intrepid teachers travelled as a group for this five-night adventure. The first and last days were spent in the historic city of Xiamen, where students participated in team building activities including ice-breakers on the beach and a very enjoyable "Go Game" around the Nan Putao Temple.

On day two we drove inland into the rural hills of Fujian and the home of the Tulous (circular earthen buildings of the Hakka people). This would be our base for the next three nights as we hiked, cycled, ate, picked tea and gained a deeper appreciation and understanding of life in this beautiful and enchanting corner of China.

Whether it was a 30km bike ride through hilly terrain, steep hikes, rustic sleeping and lots of new, often wonderful, (sometimes a little weird) food, our students were challenged throughout. For many this was their first trip into rural China and their first time away from home for so long, and quite the introduction this was.

The focus of the trip was on developing the seven core pillars of our senior school students - they did that, plus more, in abundance.

Well done to all for being such great ambassadors for themselves, our school and even their countries....after all, it's not every day a multi-national group of 58 10-12 year old students venture out into rural China.

What a fantastic week and a fantastic adventure.

Bring on 2018 Trips Week!